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Spring Branch ISD

Mr. William Hall


     I teach math and engineering and have taught over twenty years at Stratford.  I graduated from Mississippi State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering and later from Dallas Theological Seminary with a Master of Arts degree in Christian Education.  I also served in the US Army.  My tutorial times are generally Tuesday and Thursday after school, though a student can stop by and see me when needed.  This year I am teaching Precalculus Grade Level, Precalculus Pre-AP, and Principles of Engineering.  I can be found in room 209 or room 229.  I love to teach and have lots of fun with my classes and with students! 


     The link to my Precalculus Grade Level syllabus is here.

     The link to my Precalculus Pre-AP syllabus is here.

     The link to my Principles of Engineering syllabus is here.

     A link to the precalculus textbook can be found in our itslearning course page.

     A link to former Stratford math teachers who now tutor can be found here.

     The assignment sheets for my Precalculus Grade Level classes and my Precalculus Pre-AP classes can be found on those class links in itslearning.


      You can contact me at 713-251-3400.

My Schedule
A DayB Day
1st:  Conference2nd:  Precalculus PAP
3rd:  Principles of Engineering4th:   Confernce
5th:  Principles of Engineering6th:   Precalculus PAP
7th:  Precalculus GL8th:   Precalculus GL


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