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Spring Branch ISD

Cecil Trent

I graduated from Northbrook High School in 1979, and earned a BS. Degree in Education from the University of Texas at Austin in 1983. I taught speech and English for two years at Northbrook Junior High, spent 18 years as the debate coach at Northbrook High School, and came over to Memorial in 2003 as the speech and debate coach here. I'm very proud that Memorial has a large and very successful speech and debate team, where we average over 200 members and degrees each year, and have had competitors at the state and national level each and every year. We compete on a variety of circuits, including the National Forensic League,(now known as the National Speech and Debate Association) the National Catholic Forensic League, University Interscholastic League, and the National Tournament of Champions. I am currently a four diamond coach of the NSDA, in my 10th year as chair of the Space City NSDA District, and was inducted into the Texas Forensic Association Hall of Fame in 2017.  


Tutorials- Tuesday/Thursday 715am

Debate Office:  713-251-2500 ext. 2657

Schedule:             Period 1 Debate I

                             Period 2 Debate I

                             Period 3 Debate II,III, IV/Independent Study

                             Period 4 Debate II, III, IV/Independent Study

                             Period 5 Debate II, III, IV/Independent Study

                             Period 6 Lunch

                             Period 7 Conference

                             Period 8 Duty/U.I.L. Academic Coordinator


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