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Spring Branch ISD

Marion Thames

I am the health fitness specialist at Frostwood Elementary. I graduated from Houston Baptist University. I am certified to teach elementary education and pyhsical education. I started teaching at Frostwood in 1990. I am married and have 5 children and a sweet dog named Charlie.

I teach the whole school,Kindergarten through 5th grades. My classes are 55 minutes 3 times per week. During the year we focus on health, wellness, nutrition, safety, physical strength, flexibility and endurance, movement/motor development, rhythms/gymnastics and social/emotional health. Each grade will participate in activities to strenghten thier knowledge and growth in each area throughout the year. Students are graded on participation, skills, and cognitive as well as behavior. 

Throughout the year the students participate in a jogging program. This program encourages students to increase thier muscular strength and endurance. Kindergarten-first grade will earn stickers each time they complete the required number of laps. Second-Fifth will earn toe tokens!

Fitnessgram is the assessment tool we use to evaluate students performance in endurance, muscular strength, and flexibility. This is done twice a year in grades 3-5 only. 

Some of the schoolwide events we host are:

Welness week-this week includes taste testing for students, community partners presentations, and parent participation. October

American Heart Association education/fundraiser-a fun way to teach about heart health and learn jump rope skills. December

Western Day-this "whole school" activity is a program to highlight the students in every grade. We invite parents to watch thier children square dance. And parents can join in the fun and line dance with thier children. February

Field Day-This event is a celebration of the end of the year. The students challenge each other in relays! Each grade level will also participate in non-competivite and competitive stations and have a snack. May

My assistants are Karen Martinez and Danielle Skinner

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