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Spring Branch ISD

Viviana Ruiz


           Hello everyone! My name is Viviana Ruiz and I am a fourth grade bilingual teacher here at Woodview Elementary and I am so grateful to have the best job in the world! If someone asked me why I became a teacher, my answer would be because I want to make a difference. I want children to know that anything in life is possible. My beloved parents showed me this. I grew up in poverty, where all we had was rice and beans to eat every day. Some school years we weren’t able to afford clothes or uniforms. But there is one thing that we had an abundance of, our parents love. Every day I saw them work, day and night to give their children a better life… I never took that for granted. I am proud to say, that I am the first college graduate in my family. As a child and young adult my dream was to become a teacher.  I captured my dream and turned it into a reality, that’s what I want my students to know.    

  I  strive to inspire my students. I will show them that they don’t have to chase after a dream, but rather catch it and make it come true. I will dare to challenge my students to show them that they are capable of anything.  I will make them believe in themselves and I will believe in them.

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