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Spring Branch ISD

Kyla Raygor


 I am very excited to welcome your child and family to our school! This page is a way for you to learn a little about me! I am starting my 5th year as a Pre-K teacher!  I spent a few years in between there at home with my son. I am a proud Aggie graduate!  When I'm not at school, I love running and hanging out with my husband and son!


In my classroom EVERYONE can learn!  Your child becomes my child and I will love and care for them as my own.  We will learn through conversations, play, books, exploration,  hands on learning, and each other!  I know my students will bring different experiences with them and have different learning styles, interests, talents and fears. As a class, we will embrace those differences and encourage uniqueness while looking for common ground to bond us!


You can acess my schedule here

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