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Spring Branch ISD

Meredith Pickett

About me:

  • 26th year teaching science
  • attended MMS and MHS
  • graduated from Texas A&M with a Biomedical Science degree
  • teach GT 6th grade science
  • sponsor of NJHS
  • keep students and parents in the loop with Remind texts
  • most copies of notes, worksheets, etc. can be found on my course on itsLearning
  • contact me anytime at [email protected]
  • conference period is 9:45-10:15
  • Welcome to GT Science Pickett video 2020

Although I teach science, I feel that my class should also be a place where students mature.  The transition from elementary to middle school is not always easy.  My classroom provides a structure where students are comfortable to learn and study and enjoy it! 

Where is science headed?  Science is a discipline that can not move forward into the future without understanding and applying its past.  The ideas and discoveries of science’s greatest thinkers would not be if it were not for the prior thoughts and research of those that came before.  Newton would not have his laws of gravity and motion if not for Galileo’s experiments on falling objects in the Tower of Pisa.  Einstein would not have his physics’ theories if not for Newton.  Watson and Crick could not have designed the structure of DNA if not for Rosalind Franklin’s genetic research.  The children in my classroom today are the thinkers of tomorrow.  I teach the past and present of science, and they will create the future.

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