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Spring Branch ISD

Adelina Phucas

My name is Adelina Phucas. This is my first year at Woodview Elementary working as a Reading Interventionist. Most of my experience has been in the classroom. For the last eight years I have taught Kindergarten.  This year marks  my 25th year in education. My philosphy of education is student centered. I believe that every student is different with an individual way of learning and their own set of needs and gifts that are brought to the classroom. My goal is to help them excel on their gifts and provide an environment that will foster maximum learning and meet each child's individual needs. I love the uniqueness of every day and every child.  Looking forward to helping students excel in their learning. It is a great joy and priviledge to impact the lives of children in this way.  I am  also very excited about the opportunity to be a part of the Woodview family!

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