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Spring Branch ISD

Alicia Osborne

My name is Alicia Osborne, I was born in Monterrey, Mexico, and thanks to my love for learning languages and a continuous interest in Education I decided to study an ACP, I obtained my certification in 2006 and came to Houston to work as a Prek  teacher since that year.

My favorite parts of my job are working with the students and being able to sing, dance and play with them to guarantee they learn in a joyful manner. 

I believe in Education because that can open you many doors.  I like to challenge students and watch them develop to their full potential both academically and in everyday life. In my class, I like to see students to have freedom for expression and creativity. I love them to find out that they can perform a lot of things that they could not create at the beginning of the year. In order to achieve this, I get to know them and teach them according to each student’s learning style. My goal is to give them skills to be able to solve problems and be successful in every field of their lives, and be happy too! 

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