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Spring Branch ISD

About Our Class

Welcome to Mrs. O'Meara's 4th Grade Virtual Class!


This is my 4th year at Nottingham, and I'm so excited for our year together!


Some tidbits about the class:

  • A weekly news is sent out via email on Thursdays/Fridays.  It will let you know what your child will be learning about in the following week.  Please let me know if you are not getting these emails.
  • You can always see how your child is progressing in class on their assignments via Family Access/Skyward.  If you would like more information about this, please see the Front Office.
  • Homework is an integral part of your child's academics.  Students will read for 20 minutes and complete the Word Study activity.  For math, continue to practice/memorize their multiplication facts.  They can also spend 15 minutes on ST Math or iXL.

Some other ways to help with math at home:

  • Knowing multiplication and division facts is a MUST for 4th graders.  It will help them tremendously.
  • Real world experiences with money: counting it out, calculating the amount of change to be received, adding different amounts
  • Time: telling time and elapsed time (If it takes you ____ hours, what time will you finish?  If you started at ___ and ended at ___, how long did it take you?)

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