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Mark Newkirk



My name is Mark Newkirk.  I am one of the chemistry teachers  (MYP Chemistry and IB Chemistry) at Westchester Academy for International Studies.  I have been teaching for 32years and have been at Westchester for 14 years now.

Tutorials are on Thursday from 3:30-4:15

Contact information: [email protected]  phone 713.251.1982

Conference periods are 3rd and 8th.  Please call or email to make an appointment.


If you would like a parent conference, please email me at [email protected]  to schedule an appointment.  

Si desea una conferencia, envie un correo electronico a [email protected] para programar una cita.


Current Schedule:

A Day

1st Period:    IB Chemistry Year 2 SL     Syllabus

2nd Period:   IB Chemistry Year 1 SL     Syllabus

3rd Period:   Conferende period

4th Period:   MYP Chemistry                   Syllabus

B Day

5th Period:   IB Chemistry Year 1 SL      Syllabus

6th Period:   IB Chemistry Year 1 HL      Syllabus

7th Period:   MYP Chemistry                   Syllabus

8th Period:   Conference Period

A/B:              Senior Advisory



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