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Spring Branch ISD

Joshua Kehr

Mr. Kehr

Email: [email protected] (best way to reach me)

Room: W101

Tutorials: MWF @7am until start of school.  All other times are by appointment.

Note:  I am here to help you learn physics, but I can't learn it for you (I already learned it).  Come to tutorials if you have been trying in and out of class, have read the assigned readings, and are still in need of assistance.  Remember that there are many of you and one of me, so reteaching all of you everything is not feasable.  Please have an idea of what you are in need of assistance with when you come to tutorials so that we can use the time wisely.


About Me

This is my 7th Year teaching Physics and my 5th year at Memorial.  I Have a B.A. in Religion with a minor in Psychology from Texas Christian University and a B.S. in Physics with a double minor in mathematics and education from the University of Houston.  I taught Pre-IB Physics at Lamar High School in HISD for 2 years before coming to Memorial.



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