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Spring Branch ISD

2nd grade ESL Language Arts/ Social Studies

Hi! I am Jaclyn Bagos, and welcome to 2nd grade! This is my 15th year teaching, and my 11th year in SBISD, at Edgewood Elementary. I have a BA in Psychology and a MEd from the University of the Incarnate Word. I recently finished up the Educational Leadership program at the University of St. Thomas, and now I am in a Blended and Personalized Learning cohort with SBISD and Texas Tech. I have extensive experience working along side with students, thinking, reflecting, and sustaining success. Utlimately, I love the classroom and the ability to work with kids every single day is probably the best adventure I have ever enjoyed!

I am super eager to instruct this new school year. Below you will find bit of information about the classroom:

Homework- will be sent out weekly.

Daily Folders- your child will be issued a blue plastic folder to take home papers everyday. I suggest you check their folders daily. 

Daily Schedule- the schedule will be posted once school begins.

My conference time is from 10:30- 11:20 daily. You can reach me at 713- 251- 5679 or email me at [email protected] I respond to emails faster than phone calls.


This year, students will continue to pilot the changing movement of positive thinking into 7 Mindsets. Students will embrace and explore the 7 Mindsets through resilence, motivation, and understanding the meaning of their role in life. If we want to see a change in the world, we have to start with cultivating our thinkers. We have to think positive and find the best in every situation. The 7 Mindsets are as followed:


As we move forward on this journey, it is neccessary to talk with your kids and continue encouraging them to apply their best in every capacity. Remind your children of their self worth and raise their self- esteem by changing your mindset about situations. Here are some suggested ideas to play around with:



I look forward to working with you all! 

-Jackie Bagos 

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