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Spring Branch ISD

6th Grade ELA

Jennifer Hill 

[email protected]


Conference Period: 12:10-12:57

Tutorials: Are available to students trying their harderst during classtime who still need help.  It is NOT for those students who waste their classtime and then want to catch up. Students must fill out a Tutorial Request Form indicating the skill with which they need help.  A day and time will then be determined for the tutorial.



"Making mistakes is ok.  Not learning from those mistakes is not."


"The more you know, the more you know you don't know."

- me


"You have the power within you to make it so; it's up to you."

- Dennis A. Paul, Prinicpal of Albright Middle School during my tenure as a middle school student from 1988-1991.  He said it EVERY DAY after the pledge.  Each day, he would emphasize a different word of the sentence, giving pause to each one of the students, what meaning that 'tired old phrase' was reborn anew with that sunrise.



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