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Spring Branch ISD

Engineering Teacher

cool Mr. Foshee has been in the teaching profession for over 25 years.  He began his teaching career in 1978, teaching Science and Math.  He now teaches Engineering and Computer Science at Stratford High School.  He is married with three adult children and two grandchildren.  He is also a professional musician, playing piano in churches, weddings and other local venues.

Email Address:  [email protected]

Courses Taught

Introduction to Engineering Design (IED)

This course introduces students to the engineering design process, problem solving, drawing, documention, computer aided design (CAD), and simple construction techniques.  The prerequisite is Algebra I.  Students will be required to pass a safety course before using tools.

Computer Science I (CS1)

This course introduces students to computer programming using the Python language.  Topics include mathematical operations and variables, boolean logic, conditional statements, loops, functions and graphics.  The course also includes topics such as computer history, the internet, ethical use, and computer security.  The prerequisites are Algebra I and Scratch programming.  The course can be taken on a desktop computer, laptop computer, or Chromebook.

Class Schedule
1Conference Period  
3Intro Engineering229 
5Comp Sci I229 
7Intro Engineering229 
2Comp Sci I229 
4Conference Period  
6Comp Sci I239 
8Intro Engineering229 


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