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Spring Branch ISD

Holly Davis


Dear Fabulous Fifth Grader,                                                                    

     I’d like to welcome you to my class!  I feel honored to be in the grade and subject that is so near and dear to my heart.  While some of you know me, I’m sure there are a few of you that might like to learn a bit more about their new fifth grade Math teacher.  I am always willing to share ideas and happy to chat with you.  Just to introduce myself, I am a graduate of Louisiana State University with a B.S. in Education.  My career began in 4th grade in Louisiana.  Before I came to Wilchester I taught in Sugar Land, Texas in both 3rd grade and 5th grade.  Throughout my experience I’ve had the opportunity to complete summer sessions at Confratute, a Gifted and Talented Institute through the University of Connecticut, and the Wildlife Conservation Society at the Bronx Zoo.

     At home, I have two lovely daughters and of course I have a son with fur, Hash.  He seems to be the one that rules the roost these days.  We are all smitten with his personality, playfulness and charisma.  My daughters, Marianna and Julia, keep me very busy and equally as content.  Their smiles warm a mother’s heart and make me feel so proud inside.  My husband, Greg, keeps me in stitches and always brings a smile to my face.  I feel lucky to have the support of my family so that I can share time with you and still cherish time with them.

     I feel the need to let you in on a little secret.  When I was in fifth grade, math was my least favorite subject.  I think it was because my teacher only assigned textbook work and we had to memorize her notes for tests.  I hated the boring problems, didn’t remember anything she said, and was tortured by her tests.  Needless to say, I decided in college that when I became a teacher, I was going to make a difference in math class for my students.  This year we are going to touch, feel and analyze information.  You will have so many mathematical experiences that answering questions will be a breeze for you because you’ve had the opportunity to really engage, explore, explain, elaborate, and evaluate the concepts.  My personal philosophy is that learning takes place when children are engaged, motivated, and appropriately challenged.  I choose activities that are meaningful and fun.  We will have more fun in here than you can imagine.  I believe that when you have fun while learning, your learning becomes more powerful!  My goal is that children are excited to come to school each day! 

     Outside of school I enjoy many of the same activities that you do.  I love to visit relatives, travel, fish and frequent museums.  This past summer I had the opportunity to hike the Rocky Mountains.  (If you get the opportunity to visit, I recommend that you go.)  I also enjoy college football (especially LSU football!)  I’ve been known to attend a bowl game when tickets come my way.  Two of my favorite past times are running and yoga!  I enjoy the rush I feel after completing a 10 mile run.  I’ve completed the Houston Marathon (26.2 miles) and look forward to a half-marathon each year.  I think the yoga practice helps when I’m training for those long runs.  It’s the perfect combination of strength and endurance. 

     Again, I cannot say enough how excited I am to share this memorable year with you.  We are going to learn a great deal and most of all have fun!  It is with great pleasure and Wildcat pride that I welcome you to my class!  I am looking forward to a very exciting school year where everyone can enjoy learning! 

...Mrs. D 



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