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Spring Branch ISD

Bryan Cortes

Hello! My name is Mr. Cortes, and I teach Technical Theatre at Memorial High School. This is my first year with MHS, and my third year overall. I have been working in Theatre since I was in high school, and my main goal is to give my students a place to constantly work on themselves as both professionals and people. I am experienced in Technical Direction, Acting, and Venue Management. I recieved my BFA from Texas State University in Theatre Education, and my hobbies include sitting around with my cat Biscuit, playing with my dog Peanut Butter, or going on adventures with my wife Megan. 

My class is a project based class, therefore, there are many times that your students will be asynchronous working on their projects.  Students will be learning both synchronously and asynchronously throughout this year. Students can find this out by looking at their itslearning page for the week.  On that page, students are given instructions for their learning for the day.


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