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Spring Branch ISD

Mr. Simon Coffman, Orchestra Director

Mr. Coffman is the Orchestra Director for Northbrook Middle School.


The Northbrook Middle School Orchestra welcomes all students to join and become a part of an enriching life changing program. The Northbrook Middle School Orchestra program has grown significiantly in the last four years and our goal is to become one of the best orchestra programs in the region. The students at Northbrook Middle Schoolcan participate in beginner, intermediate, and advanced classes in which there is ample opportunities to audition for all region orchestras, perform in various festivals around the greater Houston area, and participate in concerts and performances.


Mr. Coffman is a Houston-area native and graduated from the University of Houston with her Bachelors in Music. He has performed and toured with music groups throughout the Gulf Coast.  In 2013, Mr. Coffman played at Carnegie Hall with the Texas Medical Center Orchestra.  Currently, Mr. Coffman is the principal tubist with the Energy Corridor of Houston Orchestra.

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