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Spring Branch ISD

Sarah Chu

About Me: Enthusiastic teacher who wants her students to LOVE learning!  Currently teaching at Bendwood as a Spiral Teacher! Believe that teaching needs compassion, dedication and patience. 


Mysteries in Medical Science will cover what various living things have in common, and we will be focusing on the smallest unit of life, the cell. We will build upon that to learn about the human body systems, which are the organ systems that make up all humans. We will cover the digestive and excretory systems, and will learn how our bodies break down food and get rid of waste. Then, we will learn about the circulatory and respiratory systems, where we will learn about how the heart pumps blood throughout the body to deliver oxygen and nutrients to our cells and the use of CPR. Next, we will learn about our amazing and mysterious brains when we study the nervous system and the skeletal and muscular systems. We will apply hands-on experience through a dissection of a frog.

Next in our adventure through biology we will begin studying the investigation of crime scenes in our forensics unit! We will learn all about various forensic careers, police procedures in a crime scene, and how to collect evidence such as DNA and genetics. You will learn what DNA is, what it looks like and why it is so important. We will also be extracting DNA from a strawberry!

We will also dive into a little bit of history using our knowledge of human body systems, DNA and forensics to solve a mystery in history, the Russian Romanovs. In the next unit, we will bring in a fine arts component as we paint our own beautiful Faberge eggs. The Romanov family was very wealthy and owned many of these expensive masterpieces.

Finally, we will close up our semester by travelling back in time to learn about medieval medicine and the Black Death, which was the breakout of a very deadly disease called the bubonic plague in the 1300’s. We will learn all about what doctors didn’t know back then and the silly things they did to try to cure the plague!

So, get excited to become miniature doctors, biologists, and forensic scientists in my class! It’s going to be an adventure!  



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