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Brandy Boza

Go WILDCATS!  My name is Brandy Boza, and I can not wait to start our year together! But first, I wanted to share a little bit of information about myself.


I recently graduated from the University of St. Thomas with a Masters degree in Education with an emphasis in school counseling. After two years of working, going to school full-time, and managing a houseful, I am pleased to say I am officially certified by the State of Texas to be a school counselor!  YAY!  This was a goal I started when I graduated from TAMU-CC in 2000. In 2002, I obtained my teaching certification and have loved every minute of it. This will be my 19th year in the classroom, with 12 of those years taught right here at Wilchester. 


Before coming to WCE, I taught at a British school in Lima, Peru. We lived there 3 years, and both of my kiddos (and my husband) have dual citizenship. I absolutely LOVED life in Lima, but at the time, political unrest drove me to convince my husband to bring me back to Texas! (Ah, the irony!) Of course, I am a true blue Texan and wouldn't have it any other way. Both Lexi and Nico (my children) are WCE alumni, and I remember well the challenges of gaining independence, navigating friendships, and the sometimes "painful" lessons of learning responsibility.


I truly love teaching. My goal is to inspire your children to love literature and Texas history. I want them to be curious, take risks, and feel safe enough to know that in order to learn, mistakes must be made, and THAT IS OK! I strive to make our classroom a room filled with integrity, respect, and security. It is very important to me that everyone in my class feels that they "belong." Every voice counts! Every opinion matters!  


Dr. Maya Angelou once said, “I have learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” While she may not have been referring specifically to educators, academic research provides evidence supporting the impact of emotions on students’ ability and desire to learn. I believe that positive student-teacher relationships and culturally responsive educational practices can lead to a school culture where students feel a sense of belonging, thus enabling them to see the value in diversity and have the confidence to take risks - all factors associated with increased academic engagement, emotional development, and social outcomes.


I look forward to a great year, guys. Whether you are virtual or face to face, please know that you are now a part of MY family! 


See you tomorrow or Thursday!



Brandy Boza

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