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Spring Branch ISD

Nallely Benavides

My roles: I teach 6th grade World Cultures here at Spring Oaks Middle School.  I graduated from Sam Houston State University.  I absolutely love everything about Social Studies and I hope that by the end of your year here in my class you will too! I have a two year old daughter named Leyla and 6 month old twins named Bianca and Benjamin.  My husband and I love to travel to a lot of the places we will be learning about this year and eat all kinds of yummy food. I am really excited to get to know everyone this year and start our adventure around the world. 


Class Schedules: 

1st PeriodWorld Cultures Virtual   
2nd PeriodOffice Hours   
3rd PeriodWorld Cultures PreAP Virtual  
4th PeriodWorld Cultures In Person  
5th PeriodWorld Cultures In Person  
6th  Period Planning Period  
7th Period World Cultures In Person   
8th Period World Cultures In Person and Virtual  


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