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Spring Branch ISD

Frau Alison Wimmer

Willkommen bei MHS Deutsch! I am excited to join Memorial High School this year. I’ll be teaching German II, III, IV and V part-time during 2021ß22. If you are interested in German I, please reach out! 

I like to say I am Nebraskan by birth, German by association, and Texan by accident. I’ve lived in Houston for over eight years with my German husband, Jens, and our two bilingual daughters (in 6th and 8th grade). I did my BA in Flagstaff, Arizona, a fellowship year in Tübingen, Germany, after which I began my first career in international human resources in Munich (including a year in Beijing, China). In 2005 we returned to the US and started our family, and I returned to teaching. I completed my MA in German and Foreign Languge Pedagogy at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Our family has since lived in Nebraska, New Orleans, and Houston.

I am passionate about the German language and culture, and I am excited to share it with you.

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