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Spring Branch ISD

Felipe Acosta

Finding innovative ways to engage with scholars and parents, creating systems of collaboration, motivating scholars to have a sense of unity, mindfulness, and becoming better learners and humans has been the key to overcome adversity over the past few years. A culture of excellence is key to success. A structured and highly demanding environment where taking risks and making mistakes is key to learn. Consistent and on-going goal driven conversations. Highly motivated scholars with chants and movement, celebrating moments of growth. Creating protocols of academic discourse, using language and peer discussions, checking for understanding, elevating the rigor and relevance, throughout the lesson cycle. Developing personalized learning opportunities to differentiate instruction and learning styles. Using data proven models to develop genuine, highly effective and deliberate readers/writers fluent in both languages. Using data to identify and track student mastery of common core standards in order to create lessons, small group, or intervention plans to grow over time.

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