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Spring Branch ISD

Viran Vuu

Viran Vuu

Assistant Director of Band

Spring Oaks Middle School 713-251-4800 ext. 4822

[email protected]

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Teacher Bio

Hello Spring Oaks Panthers. My name is Viran Vuu and I am the assistant band director. I am originally from Houston, Texas and attended and graduated from Houston ISD. From there, I went on to earn my Bachelors of Art degree in Music Education from the University of Houston. I look forward to teaching and creating musical memories with the students of the Spring Oaks Panther Band. 


Course Overview

General Objective

          The objective of the bands at Spring Oaks Middle School is to provide the students an opportunity to experience success in music. The students will learn to develop and refine their musical abilities on their chosen instrument and participate in the various opportunities to perform and compete. Along with developing their musical skills, students will develop their social skills by having to work as a team and cooperating with one another to create a successful band year.

Descriptions of Ensembles

 Symphonic Band: This is the varsity band of Spring Oaks MS consisting of top 7th and 8th graders. In general, their music will be rigorous requiring great dedication and practice. They will participate in many performances and compete in various contests. Membership to this group is generally through audition and demonstration of high dedication to the band.

Concert Band: This is the non-varsity band of Spring Oaks MS. In general, their music will be challenging and learning skills to prepare them for Symphonic Band or band in high school. They will participate in many performances and compete in various contests. 

Beginner Band: This is the entry level class for students to learn a band instrument (Flute, Clarinet, Saxophone, Oboe, Bassoon, Trumpet, French Horn, Trombone, Baritone/Euphonium, Tuba, and Percussion) at Spring Oaks MS. These students develop and learn basic playing fundamentals and music theory for music literacy.  

Course Objectives

By the end of this school year,  you [or your child] will be able to:

  • -introduction to note names on treble or bass clef staff (§117.208.1.B)

  • -introduction to note values and rhythms as well as time signatures (§117.208.1.C)

  • -correct posture and instrument hand position (§117.208.1.E)

  • -develop proper embouchure and producing a good tone (§117.208.3.A) (§117.208.3.B)

  • CFA-quizzes, Turbo Learning, tests, modeling on the instument, incorperating posture and embouchure to produce a good characteristic sound


Period 1 Symphony Band 8:40 8:45- 9:30 (45min)

Period 2 Concert Band 9:32 9:34 – 10:19 (45min)

Period 3 Percussion/French Horn10:21 10:23 – 11:09 (46min)

Lunch 11:09 – 11:39 (30min)

Period 4 Saxophone/Euphonium 11:41 11:43 -12:30 (47min)

Period 5 Flute/Tuba 12:32 12:34 – 1:21 (47min)

Period 6 Clarinet/Trombone1:23 1:25 – 2:12 (47min)

Period 7 Conference 2:13 2:15 – 3:03 (47min)

Period 8 Trumpet 3:05 3:07 – 3:55 (48 min)



Grading Rubric

Daily Grades 20% - This includes coming prepared with materials, participation, and in-class activities

Tests and Assignments 30% -­ All assignments must be completed with an appropriate level of quality.  Assignments may include such things as music selections to be performed, written tests or reports, individual or small group projects, etc.

Section Rehearsals 20% – section rehearsals will be required for Concert and Symphonic bands and will be graded.  Beginners will have required extra rehearsals only the week before concerts.

Performances 30%

  1. Attendance at each performance is required.  The directors must be notified as soon as possible or at least two days BEFORE any performance for consideration of any conflicts.  Any absence from a performance without PRIOR clearance from a director will result in a failing grade.
  2. In order for a student to be allowed to perform, however, his or her performance skill must meet or exceed our performance standards.  If performance skill is below expectations, the student will not be allowed to attend the performance, and will be required to complete the essay as described below.    
  3. A 500 word essay, carrying the weight of a performance grade, will be required from anyone missing a performance, whether excused, unexcused, or because of failing to meet performance standards.
  4. Failure to attend performances or to prepare for performances may result in removal from the band program.

We, the community of Spring Oaks Middle School, commit to provide a highy quality academic and social-emotional education for all students that fosters self advocating,solution oriented thinkers who can collaborate with others to maximize potential.

All Panther students and staff will:
Work Hard, Be kind, Embrace challenges, Learn Daily, Not make excuses.

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