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Spring Branch ISD

Mrs. Chambers - Code, Create, Collaborate


Hi! My name is Stephanie Chambers and I am a teacher at the Bendwood School for 3rd-5th Grade Gifted and Talented students. I teach computer science and I love all things technology. Computer Science is a field in which people use the power of computers to solve big problems. In my class, the students and I work on computational thinking which is the thought processes involved in using algorithms to solve problems. We learn how to break problems into smaller pieces by using decomposition, pattern recognition, abstraction and algorithmic thinking. The students collaborate and work together in my class to become even stronger problem solvers.



In my class, we also have a lot of hands on projects that really teach us how computers and electronics work. We work together to take apart a computer to learn about all of the components and how they function. Students also build their own speaker and even their own circuit using a cardboard box and paperclips. They also build a maze using the design thinking process and then program a tiny robot to travel through their maze.


Curriculum Overview

HTML Website Building

Computer Take Apart

Scratch Coding

Algorithms, Coordinates, Variables

Programming with Robots (ozobot, sphero, cue)

Computer History 

Famous Past and Current Computer Scientist

Python Programming

Circuit Board Programming

And so much more!


Recommended websites for building computational thinking skills...     CS Unplugged     Scratch

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