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Spring Branch ISD

Mrs. Shelby Trapp

Hello My name is Shelby Trapp and I am pleased to welcome you to Kindergarten this year!  I am looking forward to having your child as a student.  We are going to have such a fun year with so many wonderful activities to celerate!  

 I have the privalege of being a Kindergarten teacher at Thornwood Elementary for five years now!  This year I will be celebrating 12 years in the classroom!  Seven of those years have been as a SBISD parent and five of them as a teacher at SBISD.  I am proud to share that both of my children have graduated from Spring Woods High School! 

My most important goal is to create a famiy of learners in my classroom.  I am committed to crafting a classroom environment where your child is a valued, trusted, and an integral part of our family of learners.  It is my hope that you will partner with me and support and encourage this vision at home.

Hang on tight!  You won't believe how fast this year will fly!


Mrs. Trapp

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