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Spring Branch ISD

SBMS BAND - Sheri Engelmann



I am the head Band Director at SBMS. Together, Mrs. Brackett and I teach 3 levels of Band Classes.  Students are placed in these levels based on their knowledge and skill in playing their instrument.  The class descriptions are below.

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*Due to Covid 19 restrictions some of this information will be different.  We will do our best to keep parents informed about what is going on in each class as well as any activities we have outside of the regular school day.


Beginning Band is made up of students with little or no playing experience.  The main goal in these classes is to learn the basics of playing an instrument and learn  to read music. 

  • Students are divided into like instrument classes which meet every day as a regular class. 
  • The classes will perform 3 - 5 times a year: the Fall Concert, the Winter Concert, the Beginning Band Spotlight, Spring Concert and festival. 
  • In preparation for each of these performances, members of the Beginning Band may meet two or three times during or outside of the school day to rehearse together.

Intermediate Band is for students with at least 1 year of playing experience.  This class is primarily 7th graders, but there may be a few 8th graders as well. 

  • The goal for this class is to continue improving the student's playing skills and music reading abilities and prepare them to move into to the Concert or Symphonic Bands for the next school year.
  • We will develop ensemble skills through full band music.
  • Intermediate band students are required to participate in Solo and Ensemble Contest as well as all scheduled Concerts and Recitals throughout the school year.
  • Intermediate band students may be given the opportunity to perform with Concert Band at some of their performances when appropriate.

Concert Band is for students with one or more years of playing experience.  These are typically 7th graders (students in their 2nd year of study) with some 8th graders mixed in. 

  • Continued development of fundamentals, technique, and musicality are emphasized.  In addition, ensemble skills will be developed through the rehearsal and performance of full band music. 
  • Students will have the option of participating in District and Region Band Auditions. 
  • Concert Band members are required to participate in Solo and Ensemble Contest, UIL Concert and Sight Reading Contest as well as all scheduled Concerts and Contests throughout the school year. 
  • In order to prepare for performances and competitions, Concert Band members are required to participate in one 45 minute section rehearsal each week. *There will not be any after-school rehearsals for Concert Band for the 1st 9 weeks of the 2020-21 school year.

Symphonic Band consists of students with one or more years of playing experience who have achieved above average playing skills on their instrument.  These are typically 8th graders (students in their 3rd year of study) with some advanced 7th graders.

  • Symphonic Band is the Varsity group and membership carries increased responsibilities and expectations. 
  • Emphasis is placed on the continued development of fundamentals, technique, musicality, individual and ensemble skills. 
  • Students in the Symphonic Band are required to participate in the District/Region Band process, Solo and Ensemble Contest, UIL Concert and Sight Reading Contest and all Concerts and Contests scheduled throughout the school year. 
  • Students are required to attend one 55 minute section rehearsal (outside of the school day) each week as well as an occasional full band rehearsal.

For more details about each of these classes and our band program in general see our 2020-21 Band Handbook (English) 2020-21 Band Handbook (Spanish)


Due to restrictions on assemblies and building access we anticipate some changes for the fall semester in our usual Performance schedule and protocol.  We are working to create performance opportunities for all of our students (in person and online).  More information will be coming as we develop plans to keep us all safe and still make music.


Beginning of school Forms for students and parents (Please download, complete, sign, save and then email them back to [email protected])

Handbook Acknowledgement Form (English)

Handbook Acknowledgement Form (Spanish)


Private Lessons - Private Lessons are individual lesson between a student and a professional performer/teacher on their instrument.  These are weekly, 30 minute one-on-one session between the teacher and the student.  These are for both begining and advanced students.  The teachers will help students with anything we are working on in class and give additional technical instruction and enrichment activities. Students will set the pace for the instruction.  Please read the information pamphlet below for more details.

* Due to Covid-19 restrictions on who is allowed in our buildings, Private Lessons will on on-line only for the first 9 weeks at least and may be extended depending on the situation.  We have teachers ready to begin teaching and are happy to give you their information so that you can contact them to arrange lesson times.


Private Lesson information Pamphlet (English)

Private Lesson application (English)

Private Lessons application (Spanish)

Private Lessons Information Pamphlet (Spanish)


School Owned Instrument Forms - students using a school owned instrument must complete the Instrument check-out form.

Instrument check out Form (English)

Instrument check out Form (Spanish)



CHARMS - help us to communicate with you better.  Login to CHARMS and make sure we have your current email and phone numbers. 

MUSIC FIRST - This is our online classroom.  Students can complete assignments, use online software to practice and turn in recorded assignment, they can even create their own music and practice sight reading with the tools in Music First.

Essential Elements Interactive - This is the website for our Beginning Band Text Book. It has a lot of fun and excellent activities to aid in Practicing. - This is an online music theory training and practice website.

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