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Spring Branch ISD

Omi Ford

What do you get when cross a Cougar and a Kangaroo? A Cougaroo?  No, you get me, Mrs. Ford.  I’m a proud graduate of Austin College in Sherman, Texas (the fighting Kangaroos).  I've been teaching since 2002 and joined the Hunters Creek Elementary family in 2008 (Go, Cougars)!
I’m married to Robert, a faithful die hard Aggie fan, and we have two children, Isabella and Trey.  Our family enjoys spending time together. On the weekends, you will find us cheering on our favorite sports teams (usually in College Station), singing, dancing, reading and traveling to visit family.
Hunters Creek has become an extended family for us.  We have embraced the values and fun that make this school a home.  I look forward each school year to meeting new faces and building relationships with families.  I love learning from our past and thinking about what is currently shaping our community. Connecting kids to great authors and then facilitating as they find and share their own voice in our community makes my job the best.
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