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Spring Branch ISD

Atziry Lucero Ramirez

6th Grade ELA


Ms. Lucero

[email protected]

phone# 713-251-4800


Teacher Bio

This year has been filled with a lot of obstacles but I hope everyone is ready to tackle these obstacles together this upcoming school year. I also want to welcome you to a new stepping stone in your life as you become the new 6th grade panthers here at SOMS!!!


Now, a little bit about Ms. Lucero, I come from a family of eight siblings including myself. I was born in Puebla, Mexico and came to the United States  at the age of five. I am the first of my eight siblings to go to college and get a bachelor degree from the University of Houston-Downtown. I’m also one of  the first to soon become a published author. This upcoming school year will be my 4th year teaching and first year teaching 6th grade. In addition, I have two superheroes that I love and they are Batman and my 1 year old Syberian Husky Marvel. 


Course Overview

This year in 6th grade Reading we will explore writing powerful narratives, literary, petry, and fantasy/novels. We will also fall in love with reading by establishing an independent reading life guided towards deep character study, non fiction, book clubs, literary non fiction, poetry, and test prep.


Course Objectives

By the end of this school year,  you [or your child] will be able to:

  • Reading-Unit 1-maintaining an independent reading life.

  • Reading- Unit 2-Deep study of character

  • Reading-Unit 3-Tapping the power of non-fiction

  • Reading-Unit 4-Social issues book clubs

  • Reading-Unit 5-Literary non-fiction and poetry

  • Reading-Unit 6-Test prep

  • Writing-Unit 1-Up the latter Narrative

  • Writing-Unit 2-Personal Narrative crafting powerful life stories

  • Writing-Unit 3-Research based information writing: books, websites, presentations

  • Writing-Unit 4-Literary essay: from character to compare/contrast

  • Writing-Unit 5-Poetry

  • Writing-Unit 6-Fantasy writing or novels



*NOTE: All classes before September 8, virtual classes after September 8



Sunday at midnight all assignments will open.

Beginning of each class period

*Attendance will be taken here each day

When will your classes Zoom session take place? 


Zoom Link:

Password: Batman


Daily Schedule:

Date will be posted per assignment, test and in calendar.

You can find your due dates for all assignments posted in ItsLearning.


Virtual office hours from [start time] to [end time].

  • Conference Time: Monday -Friday (3:07-3:55p.m)


Tutorial hours are offered from [start time] to [end time] on [day]. or by appointment. Choice of AM or PM sessions.

  • Tutorials information will be updated at a later time.


Course Communication 

Class Announcements 

ALL announcements will come via ItsLearning in the overview page or through Remind.

Email/Personal Messages 

[How can students get in touch with you?]

SBISD email: [email protected]


Through ItsLearning messages.


When writing a message, please follow the expectations below:

  • Include your name, the class name, subject of the message (e.g., Heather Smith--ELA10--Essay)

  • Be specific about what you need in your email.


Note: It may take up to 24 hours to receive a reply during the week and 48 hours on the› weekend, so do not wait until the last minute to send a message if you need help. 

General Questions 

If you have any questions make sure you message me either through the sbisd email or ItsLearning messages. 

Online Discussions 

The class will regularly engage in conversations about the course content through ItsLearning and will receive credit for your participation in these academic discussions.


You are expected to post thoughtful, respectful, and well-written responses to the discussion questions and reply thoughtfully to at least two other students per discussion. 



Required Texts, Materials, and Online Accounts 

You will need the following for this course: 

Password: Batman


Weekly Learning Targets

Dates/Week # 


Required Reading/

Course Content

Week 1

Aug. 24-28

Introduction/Class routines/Exploring Resources


-Zoom expectations

-SOMS expectations


-Digital Journal

-Class read aloud

Week 2

Aug. 31-Sep. 4

Continue Exploring Resources/Unit 1 Begins: Establishing an independent reading workshop life & Accessing Narrative Unit of Studies


-Digital Journal

-Class read aloud

Week 3

Sep. 7-11

Unit 1: Publishing & Fiction Writers Create Characters with Real Wants and Troubles that Matter  

-Build reading stamina and publish one piece of writing.

Week 4

Sep. 14-18

Unit 1: Secret thoughts and the quirkiness of characters / Editing and Celebration

-Publish and Analyze how characters bring out the characters secret thoughts and feelings.

Week 5

Sep. 21-25

Unit 1: Secret thoughts and the quirkiness of characters / Editing and Celebration

-Publish and Analyze how characters bring out the characters secret thoughts and feelings.

Week 6

Sep. 28-Oct. 2

Unit 2



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