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Spring Branch ISD

6th Grade World Cultures


Kathryn Elizondo was a graduate from the University of Houston where she studied 4th-8th grade social studies. She will begin her first year of teaching at Landrum Middle School in the fall of 2018, and is teaching 6th grade. Her love and curiosity of the world will come in handy while she is teaching world cultures. In the summer of 2017 Ms. Elizondo spent her time as a forest ranger working in the Chugach National Forest which is in Alaska. During this time her appreciation of beauty and other cultures led her to pursue a position in social studies. After graduating the University of Houston in December of 2017, Ms. Elizondo decided to spend the following semester working in various classrooms including a kindergarten class. This experience helped her bring a loving and warm environment into the classroom. Ms. Elizondo’s goal for the new school year is to guide her students to love learning as much as she does.

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