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Spring Branch ISD

All About Ms. Kriner Thelen

Welcome to the 2020-2021 school year! I am so excited to be your First and Second Grade Virtual teacher!


This is my 8th year teaching elementary school and my second year teaching at Cedar Brook Elementary. I've taught grades 2 through 5 during my career and I'm so excited to be continuing with 2nd grade this year and to be adding 1st grade to the mix! First grade is a grade level I've always wanted to teach because of all the growth that happens with reading during the first grade year! I love all the subject areas but Reading and Language Arts are my real passion. I love it so much that I received my Masters in Literacy Studies and became a Certified Reading Specialist and Master Reading Teacher. I'm looking forward to what the 2020-2021 school year has in store and to meeting all my first and second graders and their families in the coming weeks!


Over the summer I got married and the already difficult name change process has only been made more difficult with COVID so don't be confused if district communication reflects my maiden name Ashley Kriner and my personal communication reflects my married name Ashley Thelen or Ashley Kriner Thelen. I've thrown my married name on the end in the meantime to try and make it a little less confusing until I can get everything on the same page with the same name smile


EMAIL: [email protected]

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