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Spring Branch ISD


This is my 7th year at Stratford and I'm thrilled to be back.  I will be beginning my 43rd year in Spring Branch ISD, having taught at Northbrook and Spring Woods.  In 2004 my oldest graduated from high school and I retired from teaching.  After a 1 month retirement (yes, 1 month!) I returned 1/2 time and am still teaching! My oldest daughter graduated from UT and is workinig as a communication consultant.  She is married and working in her dream city of Austin, TX after 3 years in San Francisco. In November she and her husband will be having our first grandchild.  Not really sure how we're all old enough for this, but it's happening!   My youngest graduated from TCU and is working at a marketing and advertising firm in Dallas. My husband, a landscape architect and I both attended Texas Tech but we couldn't interest either of them in living in Lubbock!  My husband is recently retired.  We are still 'finding our way' in his retirement after 43 years of marriage!

I am so excited to begin yet another at Stratford America. 


Period 2: Conference

Period 4: Sociology

Period 6: AP Psychology

Period 8:  Introduction to Psychology (fall)


Introduction to Psychology Syllabus








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