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Spring Branch ISD

Alg 2 GL , Alg 2 Pre-AP & Club Coordinator

Short Bio:

I graduated from Northbrook High School and attended Texas Lutheran University where I played and coached on the football team at the same time getting my B.S. in Kinesiology.  After returning to teach and coach at Northbrook High School, I transferred to Stratford High School where I've been for 8 years now, starting my 9th year here.  While working at Stratford, I earned my Masters Degree in Educational Leadership and Policy Studies at University of Texas at Arlington.  I look forward to a fantastic year!



I communicate best via email and Remind but, of course, I will make phone calls throughout the year.  I send out numerous Reminds throughout the year detailing what we did in class and what is coming up on the Assignment Calendar that students might have forgotten about.  I welcome any and all parent conferences especially any background information that can better help me educate your child.



Period 1 – Algebra 2 GL

Period 3 – Conference

Block Lunch:

1st Session - Lunch

2nd Session - Tutorials on Wed & Fri

Period 5 – Algebra 2 Pre-AP

Period 7 – Algebra 2 PAP


Period 2 – Algebra 2 PAP

Period 4 – Algebra 2 PAP

Block Lunch:

1st Session - Lunch

2nd Session - Tutorials on Wed & Fri

Period 6 – Team Planning

Period 8 – Algebra 2 GL


Apps & Websites:

Here is a list of Apps and Websites that I value quite a bit and will reference throughout the year:

Apps - GraphNCalc83 $5.99 but a real calculator at home is preferred, Khan Academy (online tutorial), ConnectED (online textbook)

Websites - Khan Academy (www.khanacademy.org) , ConnectED (https://connected.mcgraw-hill.com/connected/login.do) , Desmos Calculator (https://www.desmos.com/calculator)



A calculator for home use (I provide a calculator in class) is highly recommended to studying and completing homework. Below are links to the best and lowest priced Ti-84 Plus Graphing calculators (CE or Silver editions are just trying to get you to pay more money, no need for that extra stuff).  This will be a calculator the student can use all through high school and college; therefore, over time, it is a great value.  FYI - my wife still uses hers and it is 16 years old.

- Target $108

- Amazon $115

- Office Depot/Max $120

- Walmart $150 but CE version is cheaper $139

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