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Spring Branch ISD

Newspaper adviser,photojournalism

This is my 39 year at Stratford High School and it is as exciting to me as it was the first year. I teach Newspaper I,II, and III, photojournalism, and a study hall. My overwhelming philosophy, as I tell my students, is that they are held back only by whatever restrictions they place upon themselves. I will run as hard and as fast as they want me to run. Newspaper is a lab oriented class with different positions held by a variety of students. The deadlines are set and must be met as there is ad money on the line. We must be self sufficient. Want to help?If you have an ad resource please email me and I will send a member of the ad staff to follow up on it. The publication dates are August 16, October 18,  December 6, February 14, March 13 and May 1.

Photojournalism students will be given plenty of opportunities to see their work published in the newspaper, online at shsoracle.org, in the yearbook, on the television screen in the display case and many other venues. Students are encouraged to bring their cameras to class as the opportunity to capture that incredible photo might be just at that one moment and the photographer might be the only one there to capture it. Thank you for sharing your child with me.

EMAIL: [email protected]

PHONE: 713-251-3454

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