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Spring Branch ISD

Dika Sanders, Teacher Librarian, C.T.R., PGP Teacher, GLC, Webmaster

I am currently a Teacher Librarian at Spring Branch Elementary.  With 19 years of experience in education in private, public and university settings, I am committed to helping students ignite their passion for learning and discover the world around them through reading, writing, research and creative problem-solving.

The library setting provides the perfect place to promote student agency.  When prepared with the user in mind, the library becomes a laboratory where students can explore their interests freely through reading,  research, and makerspace exploration.

Technology moves fast and in recent years Internet use has moved from being a one way source for information to a venue for gathering information, and then using it to share, connect, and collaborate. I am excited about the possibilities Web 2.0 tools hold for our students, and am committed to incorporating them into educational settings to support personalized learning.

Our mission is to prepare students to be successful in the world that awaits them and in my humble opinion, the library is the best place to begin!

Forr more information about the Spring Branch Elementary Library resources click on the "Imagination Station", link on the navigation bar.

You can also join my library course on itslearning and follow me on Twitter.


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