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Spring Branch ISD

History Through Film/ World History Teacher & Baseball/Football Coach

Parents & Students 2021-2022

Starting my 18th year of teaching 

Parents & Students,

                When I selected the profession of teaching, I assumed certain obligations and responsibilities to the profession, to the student, and to all those with whom I would work in this field. As a result, I shall be constantly aware of the obligations and responsibilities a teacher has in administering a well-rounded education and strive to conduct myself in such a manner as to maintain the dignity and decency of this profession.

            In my relationship with students, I will always be aware of the tremendous influence my position can exert—for good or bad. Parents entrust their dearest possessions to my charge, and through example, I will always be sure that the young men and young women who take my course are finer and more decent people for having done so. I will continue to reiterate the highest desirable ideals and character traits in my students.

            I will always remember that I am on public display as a representative of Memorial High School. Institutional policy regarding all department business will be adhered to both in letter and in spirit. I will remember that other members of the faculty also have an interest in the school and our students. I will constantly strive to develop the common interest and purposes of Mustang Country.

            All district and school rules and regulations will be enforced. One of the first fundamental responsibilities will be to encourage students to inspire not only themselves, but their peers in achieving academic success. Encouragement will also be rendered to all students to be active in other school activities and in student leadership.

            I feel that positive results can occur through student participation and in the “Collective Greatness” being made in the total educational process of building our young people.



Christo Amarantos
Coach A
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