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Spring Branch ISD

Sela Burrows

Dear Students,

     Welcome to fifth grade! I am thrilled that you are in my class this year. We are going to enjoy a year of discovery and tap into our creative spirt with our writing. This is my 23rd year of teaching. I have taught all grades except 3rd but I especially enjoy 5th graders! So I used to work at Wilchester a long time ago and then took some time off of work. I took a few years off and lived in Africa on two different occasions doing extremely rewarding and life changing work volunteering with orphaned baby primates. I worked with orphaned baby chimpanzees in the country of Cameroon living in the rainforest of Yaounde. The baby chimpanzees are amazing! They are very strong for their size. I was in charge of nine babies. I made bottles for them in the morning and we played in the rainforest all day long. Some just wanted to sit in my lap and be loved on. When I walked through the forest all of them clung to me for a ride. Clinging to their mother is a natural instinct. Let me tell you that  trying to walk with all nine fo them clinging to me was heavy!! I also lived in the bush and volunteered with orphaned baby baboons in Phalaborwa South Africa. By the way a lion's roar cracks through the air like thunder!  My husband's name is Skip and we have two 6 year old dogs that keep us very busy. Their names are Burton Klondike Burrows and Trixie Love Burrows. Burton was named after Jake Burton (Burton snowboards) and Trixie was named Trixie Love due to the prominent heart shaped spot on her body. They love to swim everyday. Burton has a life jacket because he still hasn't figured out that he needs to kick his back legs a little harder! We love to travel all over the world exploring new environments, languages and cultures. We are master scuba divers and truly enjoy our time underwater together. A few summer's ago we were scuba diving when a 6.5 earthquake hit in the ocean near  Barbados! We didn't feel a thing but the people on land did. I was super focused on all of the many seahorses that I was seeing! I know what you are thinking and the answer is YES! I see sharks all the time! Hmmm let me see, what else, well I gave up skiing when I was a very strong intermediate, a long time ago and switched to snowboarding. After many accidents I have recently returned to skiing and now I am a total beginner again! I am a registered yoga instructor but have not taught for a long time. I run marathons with my friends quite often but since returning to work full time my last full marathon was in Little Rock Arkansas in 2019. I ran the Savannah marathon for my 50th birthday! It was a fantastic way to celebrate a birthday. Now that was just a quick little blurb about me. I am looking forward to a great year  and learning more about all of you!



Mrs. Burrows

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