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Mid Year Reflection

Beginning of the Year Reflection

Upon receiving my Bachelors from UCLA (Go Bruins!) I joined Teach for America and moved to Houston.  Here I began teaching English II and found what I love.  I loved seeing how curious students were about the world.  How curious they were about their identity and their place in the world.  I loved seeing what they brought to the classroom--their unique experienes and ideas.  Being in the classroom grounded me and often had me reflecting on my role in Education and how I could be better for my students.  Just as I always encouraged my students to become life long learners, to ask questions, to raise their voices, to go out in the world and be the best version of themselves to transform our world; I too am a better person because of the students that I've been fortunate enough to teach.  A couple years after my move to Houston I received my Masters from UH (Go Coogs!).  I will forever be on this learner's journey.    

My hope for this year is to continue to better myself--to learn, to listen, to grow.  To be able to support teachers on my campuses in being the best version of themselves for their students, to continue to build meaningful relationships with students, to foster curiousity and joy for learning, and for students to continue to do incredible things and transcend all expectations that have ever been placed on them.

 Here's to another TRANSFORMATIONAL year! 

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