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Spring Branch ISD

Mr. Barton

Hello everyone! My name is Jacob Barton and I teach 7th grade Math and Science at Cornerstone Academy. 

This will be my 12th year teaching in SBISD and my 5th year at CSA. 


I am a Houston native and graduate from the University of Houston.  I also have a Master's in Education for Administrative Leadership. 


Some of my hobbies include hunting, fishing and camping.  I could spend an entire day on the waters fishing from my kayak.  

I look forward to getting to know all of my students this year!!



Below is the classroom syllabus for math and science.  Please feel free to email if you have any questions or concerns. 


7th grade Math and Science Syllabus



School website: http://csa.springbranchisd.com



Treat others in the way you wish to be treated.

Cooperate with your teacher and classmates.

Respect the rights and property of your classmates and teachers.

Carry out your student responsibilities.


SBISD and CSA guidelines (Love & Logic)

Parental/Administrative Involvement.  



SBISD AND CSA social expectations for good behavior will be followed.

Failure to comply with behavioral expectations of the district and school (i.e. Student handbook, classroom policy, etc) will result in appropriate school and district action.

District policy will be followed for students found to be cheating. 



FORMATIVE GRADES (Daily/ Classroom/ Homework/ Quizzes)  60%

SUMMATIVE GRADES (Tests/Projects) 40%

Per SBISD and CSA grading policies, incomplete grades for a grading period must be finalized within two weeks of the grading period.


Make-Up Work

If a student is absent it is THEIR responsibility to pick up missed assignments, get notes taken in class from a friend, and schedule any missed test or quiz with the teacher.  Students will have the number of days equivalent to the ones missed to make up assignments. For example:  Absent 1 day = 1 day to make up work;  Absent 3 days = 3 days to make up work. Tests and quiz make-ups must be scheduled.


Late work/Missing Assignments

In order for students to demonstrate mastery of content, all work must be completed. We encourage all students to turn in assignments in a timely manner. Failure to turn in assignments on time may result in one or more of the following:

  • Mandatory attendance in the after school Learning Lab
  • Assignment to ICU

Parents of students who consistently fail to turn in assignments in a timely manner will be contacted for a conference with their child and the child’s teachers.






7th Grade Pre-AP Math


We will be covering the district’s 7th grade Pre-AP curriculum, which includes 8th grade material.  We’ll be working collaboratively in small groups often.  They will learn problem solving strategies that are useful in everyday life.


This course is designed to prepare students for advanced study of math at the high school level, including Pre-AP and Pre-IB courses.  This course covers all of the concepts of Mathematics 8 with a concentration in Pre-Algebra.  The students will use algebra in working with problem-solving, geometry, number theory, linear equations and rational numbers.




7th Grade Science


In science we will be focusing on Life Science and the Solar System which includes the following: Process Skills, Characteristic of Life, Human Body, Genetics, Survival, Energy Cycles, Ecosystems, Changing Earth, and Space.


After studying the scientific method and learning how to do a self-directed project, the students will have the opportunity to test out of units it they already know the information. Every student will take a pretest at the beginning of the year. On the questions the students get right, they will then receive the opportunity to skip the lesson for that subject and work on self-directed project.


The self-directed project is designed for a small percentage of the students who come into class with large background knowledge of the subject. This experiment is an opportunity for them to enjoy class (not be bored) and to learn something at the same time. Most people will not test out of the units. That is why the pretest is NOT for a grade. The self-directed project will be done during class time. It will not require any time outside of class to compete and will not increase the amount of homework.

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