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Spring Branch ISD

Allison Wright - Kindergarten

Hello!  I am a Kindergarten teacher at Bunker Hill Elementary.  I have been a teacher for 12 years, 8 of those years here in SBISD. I have so much fun with this age group every single day!  It is my job to teach my kids to love learning and to desire to be a lifelong learner!  It is very important to create a positive, loving atmosphere in my classroom so that each child feels comfortable and safe and happy at school.  I teach my kids to try BIG things and it is OK to mess up and learn from our mistakes.  I love Kinder because we are laying that foundation for education in all the academic areas, but teaching so much more at all times, too! We are showing these sweet babies how to be good humans.  Each year teaching Kinder, I am amazed at their reading, writing, and math development.  They are like little sponges, soaking up everything!  

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