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Spring Branch ISD

7th Grade Math Morrison

Welcome Back Hawks! 

My name is Katherine Morrison. I am your 7th grade math lab teacher.


A little bit about me - I grew up in Houston and went to The University of Texas for college. I love dogs and am own a 15 year old yellow lab. I like art and enjoy creating things. I enjoy spending time with my family. My favorite quarantine meal is spaghetti and when quarantine is over I can't wait to go visit my friends in Austin. 


Growing up I struggled with math (especially in 8th grade). English was to hardest subject for me. In high school I had some really good teachers and decided to do my homework every night in both of those classes. I ended up loving math (and liking english smile). I was really proud and enjoyed those subjects when I got good at them. 


My goal for this year is to grow as an educator and help my students grow both personally and academically. 


Here is a video about an organization I like and an issue I am passionate about. I look forward to getting to know each of you and learning what you are passionate about. 

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