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Spring Branch ISD

Erin Buckles

Parent Night 2020

  • English II
  • English III Dual Enrollment
  • *These are the same videos I sent out during Welcome Week (August 17-21). If your child transferred into my class after that first week, I encourage you to watch the appropriate video for your child's class! It gives you a quick intro about me and a brief overview of the class. 


A little about me...

  • I am a 2006 graduate of Cypress Falls High School in Cy-Fair ISD, and I later graduated from Sam Houston State University in Huntsville, Texas, with a bachelor of arts degree in English and a minor in secondary education. I student taught in both Conroe ISD and Cy-Fair ISD. While at SHSU, I was a member of the English Honors Society and the editor-in-chief of the college newspaper, The Houstonian. 
  • Since graduating from college in 2012, I have taught English III, AP Language & Composition, AP Literature & Composition, English II, and English II Pre-AP. I have loved every level that I've taught, but I have a special place in my heart for writing, which is why I'm so excited to work with the faculty at the University of Texas at Austin's OnRamps team for Memorial High School's inaugural year with OnRamps. 
  • I am the 2018-2019 sponsor for Memorial High School's Student Council. If you have any inquiries regarding the Student Council or its activities, please email me using the link to the left.

My Courses:

  • Rhetoric 306 and 309K (University of Texas at Austin OnRamps dual enrollment program)
  • English II Academic

Tutorial Times:

  • Most mornings and afternoons, by appointment.
  • Please come talk to me if you need to stop by for tutorials! I will work with you to find a morning that works for us both. 
  • I should hear from YOU, the student, long before I hear from your parents. Please learn to be your own advocate! Doing so will prepare you for college when your parents won't be able to assist you in that way. Parents, please encourage your students to advocate for themselves! 

Make-Up Times:

  • You should make up all tests and quizzes the Tuesday afternoon (show up by 3:10pm) or Friday morning (show up by 7:10am) IMMEDIATELY following your missed test or quiz. These are the official times given to the English department; therefore, I cannot accommodate other times.
  • If you sign up for a make-up test/quiz and fail to show up without advanced notice, you will receive a permanent zero for the assignment. Be considerate and keep your appointments. This is something that is expected of me, and at this point in your life, others should be able to expect the same thing from you! If something happens and you're unable to make it, COMMUNICATE with me. I promise that I'm not unreasonable. :) I simply expect that you respect my time the way you expect me to respect yours. 

For Parents -- FERPA Regulations

  • English II Academic - I can discuss high school grades with parents. You may reach me by emailing me through the link in the upper-left corner of this page.
  • Rhetoric 306 & 309K is a little more complicated:
    • I can discuss high school grades with parents, BUT I legally CANNOT discuss college grades with you.
    • The only exception to this are if we suspect something serious is going on with your student (that they may do harm to themselves or others), at which point the University of Texas will release grade information to the appropriate parties.
    • In general, a student's high school grade should show how prepared he or she is for the college portion of the course. If you have concerns about your student's high school grade, please speak with them about how they can improve their grade and encourage them to come see me in tutorials. 
    • The goal for this course is that we prepare your child for the rigor and responsibility of the college world. Self-advocacy on the part of the student is a serious and realistic expectation at this point in their educational career. Resist the urge to come to their rescue if you know they haven't spoken to me. If you're worried that they haven't sought out tutorials for their high school grade, then ask me! We can tag-team your child and get them back on track. 
    • If your child elects to show you their college grade, please understand that their grade is handled solely by the UT grading staff and that I do not have access to their written feedback. All feedback comes from UT, but your child can always email the UT staff and use UT resources (same as any college student!) to seek out additional assistance. They may also come seek help from me, should they choose to do so. 

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