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Spring Branch ISD

Madame Claire-Elise Breaux

Dear Students-

Hope you are all well and staying safe in this difficult time.  Please note my office hours every day from 8-4 pm.  Please feel free to email me at [email protected]  I will also do my best to answer questions after hours until 9pm.

Please contact if you need anything at all.  Communication will be important at this time. 


French 1: mellebr

French 2: e32d7K

French 3/4: 3Kg9b2

Mentees: b7b226


My name is Claire Breaux, a native speaker of French and certified by the French Ministry of Education.  This academic year, I will teach all levels of French including AP manage the French Club and the French National Honor Society.  This will be my 13th year at Spring Woods. I am also the current French chair for HATFL, Houston Area Teachers of Foreign Language and a board member of the Texas French Symposium. 

My campus information is as follows:    Campus Room 910        Extension 3254

You may find me on, Pinterest under my name (Claire Breaux) then find my folder marked for students to thousands of links for my students or,  I will give the codes at the beginning of each year and update them as well.  

Essentially, foreign language courses are communications courses.  So, communicating, on all levels, is important and will continue to be throughout the students’ academic careers.  I became a teacher to share my love of all things Francophone, to share my heritage, and hopefully create a positive experience in my classroom through cultural experiences and learning together.  Here are some tips to get you started and on your way to being a successful language learner.  
·Ask questions – don’t be shy, don’t be afraid! If you knew the answer already, it wouldn’t be “foreign” language. You cannot be afraid to TRY. 
·Communicate - I can’t help you out if I don’t know you are struggling! Let me know and I will make myself available to help you. I WANT YOU TO SUCCEED! I arrive most AM's by 7 and can stay any day you ASK for me to tutor you, depending on my schedule.  
·Hang in there! - Quizzes are your progress report; if you bomb one, then you know you need to study for vocabulary or grammar, as the case may be.   Don’t get down - I encourage you to talk, talk, and      talk!! Learning a language takes work and TIME. Be patient. Keep going!
·Participate - Join French club, come to our French table at lunches or ask how you can further your learning outside of class.  Explore our resources by asking a French teacher! There are many resources to explore online and out in the world, even in Houston! 
   I don’t have lots of rules and, for that reason, when I ask for something from my students, I expect to receive it.
 Bring your materials daily and be responsible for them. 

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