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Spring Branch ISD

Mrs. Niki Pokladnik Connor

I'm excited to begin another year of Social Studies here at MMS.  I've taught in Spring Branch my entire career (this is year 27!) as well as attending SBISD schools as a student.  I'm passionate about reading, writing, history, media analysis, travel and dark chocolate!


I believe every decision made in a school should be in the best interest of the kids - not what's easiest for the grown ups or easiest for the kids, what is best for them.  I believe the next generation of innovators and problem solvers will be readers and thinkers - that you have to believe in just a little magic or fairy tale to solve the big tech and science and math problems of the future.  


This is shaping up to be an interesting year to say the least!  I'm going to keep all announcements and plans in ItsLearning this year to simplify for everyone.  Please read all announcements and messages in your courses.




GT 6th Grade Social Studies: 



6th Grade Study Skills:





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