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Spring Branch ISD

Daniel Angel

Welcome to Mr. Angel's Computer Science class!

What is Computer Science?

Computer Science embraces problem solving, hardware, algorithms, and perspectives that help people use computers to address real-world problems in modern life. It can be anything from learning about the design and implementation of different parts of a computer, to coding a mobile app for your smartphone or even programming a small robot to complete a set of tasks. The focus of this course will be on problem solving, design strategies, organization of data, approaches to processing data(algorithms), analysis of potential solutions, and the ethical and social impact of computing.


Course Syllabus

Computer Science I

Computer Science II

AP Computer Science I


Office Hours

You may reach me via the itslearning chat feature or email [email protected]

7:30-10:15Office Hours
10:30-12:15Office Hours
1:00-2:00Office Hours
1:55-3:30Planning/Out of Office
7:30-9:15Office Hours
9:20-10:45Office Hours
11:00-12:30Office Hours
1:30-3:30Planning/Out of Office

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