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Shaun Wegscheid

[email protected]
Tutorials: Mondays @ 3:30

I am a WAIS alumni. I attended UH for undergrad, and Rice for my masters. I hold certifications for Art, Tech Apps, and Computer Science, as well as training for IB MYP in Arts and Design, and IB DP in Computer Science.

I teach CTE courses in the Tech Apps strand, within the IB MYP, CP, and DP. Logical combinations of these courses can earn students the Business & Industry Endorsement and the STEM Endorsement for their Texas Diploma. The specific courses I teach varies from year to year, but can include Robotics, Digital Design, Web Design, and others.



Syllabi for this year's courses:

- Digital Art & Animation

- Computer Science 1 w/ Microsoft Teals

- Computer Science 2

- Diploma-level Computer Science, year 1

- Diploma-level Computer Science, year 2


Mr. W's Schedule
  period    a day  b day 
   1st / 5th   CS1   Planning / Conference    
   2nd / 6th      CS1 / CS2 / DP CS Y1 / DP CS Y2    CS1 / CS2
   3rd / 7th   DP CS Y1 / DP CS Y2 Digital Art & Animation 
   4th / 8th   Planning / Conference Digital Art & Animation 
   advisory   10th Grade Wildcat Time


All courses, except Diploma-level CompSci are aligned with IB MYP expectations. Not only are STEM classes great for realworld content and interesting topics, but they also look great on transcripts and meet some of your graduation credits as well; for example Digital Art & Animation satisfies your Fine Art requirement if you choose not to pursue Fine Art options. As faculty at an IB School, I help supervise student IA's. I regular supervise multiple MYP Personal Projects and DP Extended Essays, and occassionally supervise CP Reflective Projects. 



If you would like a parent conference, please email me at [email protected] to schedule an appointment.  


Si desea una conferencia, envie un correo electronico a [email protected] para programar una cita.



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